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The St. Francis Window

The St. Francis Window honors St. Francis of Assisi (A.D. 1181 – 1226) the Patron Saint of Italy.

The original St. Francis sketch was made by Ms. Barbara Hawthorne, a former parishioner of St. Clement’s who portrayed him as a strong youthful man which was the writer’s concept of this Saint, since, in the 45 short years of his life, he was a tireless proclaimer of the faith in his efforts to prepare for God a perfect people.  Because of his many evangelistic deeds, he was canonized on October 16, 1226, by Pope Gregory IX along with St. Catherine of Siena.  He organized the first Christmas scene with live animals and people.  In 1224, he was the first person on record to have receive the Stigmata – the wounds of Jesus in the palm of his hands, an apparition of seraphic angles during prayer.

St. Francis’ Feast Day is celebrated on October 4.  Because of his concern and love of animals, many Christian denominations remember him with the service of the Blessing of the Animals on that day.


In the window design, the alighting or departing dove on his hand represents a visitation by the Holy Spirit, with St. Francis appearing to talk to Him.  The image of St. Francis is surrounded by a golden aureole representing the characteristic halo associated with sainthood.  The butterfly above St. Clement’s represents new life and resurrection.  The seven dogwoods surrounding the St. Francis image represent the Legend of the Dogwood which tells us that the wood of the tree was used in making the cross of Christ.  The three tulips in the lower level represent the Holy Trinity, while their red coloration represents the blood of Christ.

Hidden in the leaves of the tulips, and indistinguishable in the photograph, is a “lady bug” representing both the name of Lady Foy Endres in whose memory the window was donated, and the name of the statuary business she owned, “Lady Bug.” The most popular statue sold in her business was a St. Francis statue of which the first one ever made is in the parish garden beyond the view from the window.


The St. Francis window was donated by Messrs. Edward (Ed) P. Endres, Robert Foy and Mitchell Foy Dillman in memory of Mrs. Lady Foy Endres, Mr. Ed Endres, wife.

The window was installed in the year 2001.

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