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The Christ and the Lamb Window
(located in the nursery - through the narthex)

The theme of the Christ and the Lamb Window is based on Christ’s command: “And they were bringing children to Him so that He might touch them” (Mark 10:13).

Our children's ministries are an integral part of life in our parish.  We live our baptismal covenant by sharing the joy and love of God and Christ Jesus with our children, so that they grow in God's grace and develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus.


The upper part of the window shows two predominantly blue birds holding a red berry between their beaks and surrounded by a red circle hovering over between the seas and heaven symbolizing “the beginning” and representing two of her grandchildren not yet born when the window was designed and built. The blue color of the birds is meant to represent “Eastern Blue Jays” to honor Mr. Jay Foulks, Susie’s husband.

The central image summarizes the theme of the window with the image of Christ holding a little lamb, representing children, in His loving arms.

The middle portion of the window shows six angels holding hands representing the angelic nature of grandchildren and the mutual love between grandparents and their grandchildren.


The section between the middle and the lower sections has six panels with the names of their seven grandchildren, and the are etched on the reverse side of the panels to prevent “little hands” from touching them and getting them dirty.

The lower portion of the window has three stylized versions of cone flowers in red color.  Like in all other windows, the three are meant to represent the Hold Trinity, and are also flowers commonly seen in our region during summer.


The window was commissioned and donated by Mr. Jay Foulks in loving memory of his wife Mrs. Susie Foulks.  It is located in the former Sunday school classroom (now the Children’s Nursery) where Mrs. Foulks taught, and it includes elements dedicated to her and to her grandchildren.

The window was installed in the year 2012.

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